What distinguishes our technology?

The GERA ACE engine has favorable economic, safety, waste management, and nonproliferation attributes when compared to existing power generation technology.

  • The economic advantage is sufficient to ensure market adoption.
  • The safety and waste management improvements provide environmental benefits and facilitate public acceptance.
  • The nonproliferation characteristics are necessary for global market penetration.


The GERA ACE engine offers economical and reliable power for all energy sectors and all energy markets.

Profitability attributes:

  • Lowest overnight capital cost
  • Low time-dependent costs
  • Lowest non-volatile fuel cost
  • Average operation costs
  • Low maintenance cost

Efficiency attributes:

  • Fuel is recycled approximately one million times before full consumption
  • Greater than 60% of the nuclear energy is converted into useful mechanical work
  • Power output matches energy demand through orificing and operating speed
  • Standard maintenance schedule limits downtime


Inherent safety attributes:

  • The GERA ACE engine only produces energy when the GERA Nanofuel is cold and compressed
  • The GERA Nanofuel ceases to produce energy when it reaches a predetermined temperature limit
  • The GERA ACE engine fuel system filters fission products and manages decay heat without the need for auxiliary power or water

Obvious safety attributes:

  • Autonomous operation minimizes the potential for operator error
  • Contains 100 times less nuclear material than comparable capacity commercial light-water reactors
  • Compact size allows fortification from natural disasters and sabotage

Waste management

Waste management attributes:

  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Closed recycling fuel system permits complete fuel utilization
  • Consumes long-lived radioactive material from commercial light-water reactor spent nuclear fuel
  • Byproducts are environmentally benign
  • Minimal land usage


Nonproliferation attributes:

  • Requires no enrichment facility
  • Requires no plutonium separation
  • Requires no isotope separation
  • Consumes plutonium, making it inaccessible for use in a nuclear bomb
  • Consumes radioactive materials, making them inaccessible for use in a dirty bomb