Electricity and Transportation Market

Global market

The GERA ACE engine power plant offers favorable economic, safety, waste management, and nonproliferation attributes when compared to existing power generation technology. It is easily tailored to a wide variety of applications across all energy sectors, including:

  • Electricity on the grid
  • Power and heat off the grid
  • Commercial transportation
  • Nuclear waste management

Electricity on the grid

The GERA ACE engine electric power plant is designed to generate electricity on the grid.

Independent plants operate efficiently in base load, peaking, and load following capacities. This flexibility enables antiquated grids to accommodate future smart grid technology, such as the intermittent energy from wind and solar.

A cluster of several independent plants forms a large-capacity electricity generation station. Clusters add redundancy and scale with future electricity demand.

The GERA ACE engine electric power plant benefits and features include:

  • Generating economical, safe, and reliable electricity when needed
  • Providing clean electricity with no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creating significant power with minimal land and water requirements
  • Autonomous control systems permit flexible operation, power plant component monitoring, and remote operation
  • Providing robust fortification from natural disasters and sabotage

Power and heat off the grid

The GERA ACE engine power plant is designed to generate power and heat for specialized applications.

It is ideally suited for customers that seek to drive down their energy cost and reduce exposure to volatile fossil fuel prices. Additional benefits of our plant include protection from grid vulnerabilities and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The GERA ACE engine power plant applications and environments include:

  • Desalination plants
  • Industrial processes
  • Large corporations
  • Major hospitals
  • Military installations and equipment
  • National laboratories
  • Oil and gas processes, both onshore and offshore
  • Supercomputing and cloud computing facilities
  • Data centers
  • Universities

Commercial transportation

The GERA ACE engine power plant is designed for commercial transportation.

It ideally suited for applications in the commercial transportation industry that face tough future emission regulations and are exposed to turbulent fossil fuel prices. Our plant produces no greenhouse gas emissions and uses low-cost GERA Nanofuel.

The GERA ACE engine power plant transportation applications include:

  • Bulk carriers
  • Container ships
  • Cruise ships
  • Locomotive engines
  • Military vessels
  • Oil tankers

For innovative shipbuilding companies, our plant offers a dramatic increase in power compared to existing fossil fuel internal-combustion engines and encourages high-speed vessel designs.

Nuclear waste management

The GERA ACE engine power plant is designed to utilize existing nuclear waste in a proliferation resistant manner.

Spent nuclear fuel from operating commercial nuclear light-water reactors around the world contain highly radioactive actinides, which are the main source of today’s nuclear waste problem. The GERA ACE engine power plant is capable of safely consuming this highly radioactive nuclear waste, thereby improving public safety and protecting the environment.