GERAPOWER Vessel Docking


Sub-Sahara Africa by the numbers:

  • 936.3 million (2013) population
  • 289.7 million (2015) people are without access to clean and safe drinking water
  • 624.2 million (2015) people are without access to a proper toilet
  • 711.6 million (2013) people are without access to electricity
  • 930.0 million (by 2019) projected mobile subscriptions

After almost two centuries, 33% of the Sub-Sahara African population has access to a proper toilet; after one century, 24% of the population has access to electricity; and within a decade nearly 100% of the population has an operational mobile device. Why is this? Economics.

Fossil fuel power generation technology, which dominates the global market, is too expensive for Sub-Sahara Africa. In order to disrupt this unfortunate state in the twenty-first century, an economical alternative is needed.

In support of the US Power Africa program, GERA is exploring how our revolutionary clean energy technology can impact Sub-Sahara Africa. Our solution is the GERAPOWER Vessel, which is a mobile marine vessel that can deliver electricity anywhere in the world with access to international waters.

Our vessels can be assembled and inspected by highly skilled personnel in the Unites States. This manufacturing approach enables GERA to deliver a mobile power plant in half the time it would take to build an equivalent capacity land-based power plant in undeveloped locations.

Our vessels can deliver electricity to the local grid using underwater transmission lines connected to a single-point mooring facility, which may be anchored up to 15 miles offshore or in a large bay.

Our implementation strategy also involves selling electricity as a commodity at a price that is competitive with European Electricity Market rates. Through a long-term contract, customers pay for electricity as it is used. There is no need for investing in equipment or purchasing fossil fuels in a volatile market.

The GERAPOWER Vessel can provide economical reliable electricity, which provides the foundation for infrastructure development and drives economic prosperity.