The global energy demand is massive and growing, and the global energy supply is dominated by an established fossil fuel industry. This dependence on fossil fuels has created an energy crisis that is academically categorized into the topical areas of:

  • energy supply and demand,
  • climate change, and
  • energy security.


The GERA ACE engine offers:

  • economical, safe, and reliable power for all energy markets;
  • flexible power for all energy sectors;
  • clean power with no greenhouse gas emissions;
  • significant power with minimal land and water requirements; and
  • protection from natural disasters.


Worldwide market penetration of the GERA ACE engine:

  • preserves precious natural resources;
  • improves the interaction between humans and their environment; and
  • reduces the potential for international conflict.

About GERA

Economical clean energy solutions are needed to meet the massive and growing global energy demand and evade an energy crisis. Who will provide these solutions?

Research to drive innovation has declined significantly over the last two decades. Corporate research labs are an endangered species. Many well-known companies jettisoned their research labs around the turn of the twenty-first century and jumped on the operational efficiency bandwagon. National laboratory and university research programs struggle to facilitate innovation without corporate contributions.

Research in the energy industry is almost nonexistent. While the healthcare, internet, and software industries spend more than 13% on R&D as a percentage of sales, the energy industry spends less than 1%. This is not good.

In response, Dr. Mark L. Adams founded Global Energy Research Associates (GERA) in 2011 to simply provide energy solutions. GERA is a privately held Limited Liability Company. We are a US-based entrepreneurial energy company dedicated to delivering economical clean energy ideas to the global market. In other words, we are all about energy innovation.

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